I'm a front-end developer & designer living in Ludhiana.

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Avid follower of technology. I help businesses create elegant solution to complex problems whilst maintaining the focus on vision & strategy.

For the past decade I've been crafting user-centered design experiences for the web. I specialize in responsive front-end design, HTML/CSS and web typography. Some other areas of expertise are creative direction/art direction, interface design, rapid prototyping, concepting, mobile/app design and more. Most days I work with pixels, grids, typography, colors and lines of code. Currently I work as a web developer/designer.

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So if your idea is not presented by the best design, you might loose a big competitive edge and you get lost into the competition. Let us help you create the best design for your website and app. We analyze every single point of your idea and come back to you with best design that connects your vision and your business to right consumers.

A good design is self explaining, thus it intuitively conveys the benefits of your product to right segment of market.

Good design connects your idea to your customers..Good design explains everything with ease, from the start of your idea to the checkout button.

Good design reduces bounce rate, increases number of successful checkouts, builds customer’s trust and thus helps you beat the competition

- Honey Vig .

After we finish the design of your website/app to your satisfaction, we start the development of the platform that makes the design work. While the process of development is very complex and we have more than 3 decades of combined experience to guide us through the process. There are a few key things that we always keep in mind as we create the software that makes your website/app run -

With our imagination and communication, we try to exactly understand your vision, And then we start working to create your website/app which works exactly like you imagined. In the process of doing so, we settle for nothing but 100% satisfaction from your side.

Another crucial part that we always keep in mind, right from the word go is : How your website/app responds to your requirements once your business starts growing. We understand the amount of loss (both monetary and in terms of customer faith) that a website/app crash can bring, especially when the business is growing. Therefore we from the very beginning, try to build a structure that can scale and cater to your needs as your business grows.

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